A ton of Luck (Soñar no cuesta nada)


Duration: 100 min
Year: 2006
Film Release: August 11th 2006
Director: Rodrigo Triana
Casting: Marlon Moreno, Diego Cadavid, Juan Sebastian Aragón, Manuel José Chaves, Carlos Manuel Vesga, Veronica Orozco, Carolina Ramirez.
Classification: PG-13


“A Ton of Luck” is based on the real events that occurred in Colombia in May 2003. Porras, Venegas, Lloreda and Perlaza, were four of the soldiers that make up the battalion of the “Destroyer” counter-guerrilla company that discovered a secret cove buried with more than 46 million dollars from the guerrilla FARC. Desperation begins when they realize that they are totally isolated because the bridge, the only medium of communication with civilization was dynamited; Everything is ironic almost surreal. The soldiers have no food or water or even toilet paper but they sleep on top of their backpacks full of dollars. Their great challenge: to reach civilization and make his dreams come true with the stolen treasure.