About Us


We are a boutique production house of feature films, TV series, documentaries and transmedia content. Founded by Clara María Ochoa 20 years ago and managed by her partner Ana Piñeres. As creative producers we are from the idea development to the completion in postproduction and any other necessary step in both, our productions and the services we provide to our clients. Our main purpose is production quality. In our 20 years of experience we have established ourselves as an independent production house with 8 feature films and 9 TV series, more than 3 million viewers have seen our films in Colombia alone and our series have been sold to more than 60 territories worldwide, adaptations have been made for the Arab world and a format purchase was made for the American Market. We have produced more than 400 hours of excellent content for all types of audiences.

“The reward of a job well done Is the opportunity to do more work.”


Clara María Ochoa

Founder, President and Creative Producer of the CMO group: CMO Producciones and CMO International with which she creates and produces television series and feature films with the latest cinematic structure and technology.

Ana Piñeres

Partner, VP and Executive Producer of CMO Producciones and CMO International. During her management has strengthened the relations within the industry representing CMO in Asocinde & Egeda Colombia as senior president. Leader in the implementation of the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System.

Anamaría Illera

Administrative and Financial director of CMO Producciones. MBA from Inalde Business School. She leads the financial processes of the company from its budgetary planning to the strategic execution of the projects through all stages.

Natalia Barrera

Legal advisor of CMO Producciones. Expert lawyer in intellectual property, copyright and entertainment law. Supports and advises the legal management of the company in each of the company’s productions.

Omar Gutierrez

Financial & tax advisor of CMO Producciones. Accountant and tax expert with 27 years of experience providing advice and consulting to national and international companies in numerous industries. In the last 15 years he has been an integral advisor for the film and television industry.