Her Mother's Killer

Her Mother’s Killer

Episodes: 56
Year: 2020
Genre: Political Drama
Director: Camilo Vega & Lucho Sierra
Casting: Carolina Gómez, Marlon Moreno, George Slebi, Geraldine Zivic, Juliana Galvis, Andrea Gómez, Matias Maldonado, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Anna Wills, Edwin Maya, Viviana Santos, Kristina Lilley, Maria Cecilia Botero, Brian Moreno, Michelle Manterola.
Client: Caracol Televisión – Netflix

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After finding out unknown details of her past, Analía Guerrero decides to take revenge on her own hand against her mother’s murderer: Guillermo León Mejía, a prominent corrupt politician, candidate for the Presidency of the Republic. Analía skillfully prepared herself to be the country’s most important political advisor and will become the candidate’s strategist and right-hand woman. It will rank him first in polls, and then demolish him by revealing his past, each one of his acts of corruption and activities outside the law. Consequently, it will make him lose the presidency and even his freedom. But what she did not count on is that Guillermo León Mejía, the man she hates and who has declared a war on him, is her own father. And furthermore, that by knocking down his father, he will take the only man she has ever loved, Pablo De La Torre, into the same abyss.