The Accordion Angel (El Angel del Acordeón)


Duration: 101 min
Year: 2008
Film Release: July 11th 2008
Director: María Camila Lizarazo
Casting: Camilo Molina, Dionnel Velásquez, César Navarro, Carlos Arturo Buelvas, Estefania Borge, Marlon Moreno, Noëlle Schönwald, Margalida Castro.
Classification: PG


Poncho Daza, a very talented 11-year old boy with beautiful feelings, has two big dreams in life: to get an accordion and conquer the heart of Sara María, the girl of his dreams, who has given him the challenge of becoming a great accordionist, able to compose a song that reaches her soul. However, the economic adversities of his family demand great efforts and prevent him from acquiring an accordion to learn to play. His father is a macho man who humiliates him for left-handedness and his obsession to become a musician, and also suffers from the threat of Pepe, another romantic interest of Sara María. Poncho will be pushed into adulthood by the force of circumstances, but he was born to become a vallenato legend and will be known as “the angel of the accordion.”