The Goddess (Tarde lo Conocí)


Episodes: 105
Year: 2017
Genre: Musical Biopic /Drama
Director: Klych López, Monica Botero & Álvaro Castillo
Casting: Maria Elisa Camargo, Roberto Urbina, Javier Jattin, Luna Baxter, Jacqueline Arenal, Marcela Agudelo, Constanza Duque.
Client: Caracol Televisión

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It tells the life story of Patricia Tehran, a woman who, with her talent and love for music, conquered a world eminently of men. With his joy, sympathy, tenderness, mischief and optimism, he faced his macho atmosphere with his music, full of jealousy and envy, putting everyone at his feet. Patricia had loves that led her to suffer several disappointments, which she expressed on each stage when she sang from the heart.