Traffic with the innocent (Correo de Inocentes)


Episodes: 83
Year: 2011
Genre: Drama
Director: Klych López / Felipe Cano
Casting: Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Salvador del Solar, Cristina Campuzano, Ricardo Leguizamo, Hernán Méndez, Juana Arboleda, Héctor García, Juan Carlos Messier, Victoria Góngora.
Client: RCN Televisión


It’s a series full of tension, suspense, nostalgia, and much drama that tells the story of Pilar Carrasco, a woman who after having an affair with her boss, Sergio Gaviria, becomes pregnant with his baby, Adelaida, who is born with a disease that has her on the verge of death. Pilar for love of her newborn and after exhausting all the possibilities to get the money from the surgery that will save her baby life, decides to be a drug mule. However, she is captured in Mexico, where she must serve a 5-year sentence that takes Pilar away from her child. However, when she arrives again in the country, things will not be easy for her, since the title of lawyer of Mexico is not valid in Colombia, which forces her to homologize and, in the meantime, look for a person to help her in her trade. As Alex Avendaño, a law student who commits to her, knows, not only in the search for Adelaide, but in the idea of Pilar, to work helping other mules, after hearing stories of deceived Colombians never knowing that they carried drugs.

This series marks the return of Margarita Rosa de Francisco to the RCN Channel after having been one of the actresses most remembered for her leading role in ‘Coffee: Scent of Women’ and ‘La Madre’.