Broken Promises (La Promesa)


Episodes: 60
Year: 2013
Genre: Drama
Director: Klych López/ Liliana Bocanegra
Casting: Julieth Restrepo, Nicole Santamaría, Aislinn Derbez, Zharick León, Christian Tappan, Juan Sebastián Calero.
Client: Caracol Televisión


Every year hundreds of women fall in recruitment networks that smuggle people, being forced into a life of sexual slavery and labor. This is the story of Ana, Frida and Seleni, three beautiful young girls who are tricked with the promise of getting their dream life. Innocent and vulnerable with the strong conviction that despite the adverse conditions they live in they can have a better future; they will be tricked and used by people with no scruples who will take them deep into a network of prostitution which will later be impossible for them to escape from. They’ve never seen each other but they will become friends, forced into it when they meet at a point of no return and live the worse nightmare a woman can have: to be a victim of Human Trafficking. Without knowing it Ana, Frida and Seleni have acquired a debt that is impossible to pay and with death threats against their families, they’ll only have two paths to choose from: live as enslaved prostitutes or risk their lives in search for freedom. These three women and many more will be transferred to Spain, the final destination of the “human merchandise” of the band that traffics Colombians, where a strange world waits for their services. In the middle of their struggle to escape from the abyss, Ana, Frida and Seleni will try to find in love the key to get out of the dreadful conditions and torture they’ve experienced and with them, audiences will walk through the path that will either make them stronger or end up destroying them.