Colombia has become one of the top film destinations for producers in Latin America.

Shooting in our country is a great experience, safe and foreign friendly. Being the second most biodiverse nation in the world, it offers an extraordinary range of locations, from the Caribbean Sea to the Andes Mountains through deserts, great valleys and rain forests. Colombia has also classical, colonial and modern architecture set up for any historic time. The local teams are highly qualified and have great experience, technical teams meet all international standards, in terms of human quality, training and professionalism. Above all, Colombia has quickly become an international production hub thanks to its unmatched profitability through the tax benefits currently applicable to feature films and new formats such as international television series and documentaries.


Film logistic services

Services directly incurred in logistics services (Hospitality, Catering, Transportation and Air Tickets) in the filming of international feature films contracted with Colombian companies.


Film Services

Services directly carried out in the preproduction, production and postproduction -including artistic and technical services- of international feature films contracted with Colombian companies.

LAW 1556 OF 2012

Law of film cash reimbursement (Rebate) from the expense made in Colombia to position the country as a world film destination and thus encourage foreign production shoot in Colombia.