Rosario Tijeras (Rosario Tijeras)


Duration: 126 min
Year: 2005
Film Release: August 12th 2002
Director: Emilio Maillé
Casting: Flora Martínez, Manolo Cardona, Unax Ugalde, Juan David Restrepo, Alejandra Borrero, Catalina Aristizábal, Rodrigo Oviedo, Alonso Arias.


Rosario, a dangerous woman who was molested and raped as a child, and now claiming to be owned by no man, lives a life on the edge while trying to come to terms with her past and the men in her life, not making the best choices along the way. While at a Medellín disco one night, Antonio and his best friend, Emilio, simultaneously lay eyes upon the seductive Rosario. Emilio and Antonio pursue her and begin an affair with her separately, despite knowing that she is involved with drug cartel leaders and despite getting entangled in her violent life.