The Girl (La Niña)


Episodes: 86
Year: 2016
Genre: Drama
Director: Rodrigo Triana / Camilo Vega
Casting: Ana María Estupiñan, Sebastián Eslava, Marcela Benjumea, Marcelo dos Santos, Diego Vásquez, Cristina Campuzano, Juan Manuel Mendoza, Connie Camelo, Santiago Alarcón, Juan Sebastián Aragón, Laura Archbold.
Client: Caracol Televisión – Netflix


The Girl is a production based in real life events. It tells the story of a young girl recruited by force by the guerrilla, where she lived in first-hand the horror of war. After many years she flees from the armed group and guided to set on a new path, returning to ordinary life which will not be easy due to the struggles of reintegration into society, the challenge of understating this new side of herself and confronting her own family.